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20 September 2015


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The injury to Enoch Maki was costly for the Hunters. Maki together with Henry Wan and Siune were the three props who provided the go forward. Hunters need more props or heavy forwards to help get them out of their own territory.

I was disappointed also watching on TV. Hunters are quite naked on the bench with no real impact players to continue after the two starting props are subbed. The forward play I thought lacked muscles and go-forward after Essau Siune and the other prop were taken out.

The Jets did a good work on us. I am sure they have watched replays of the Hunters previous games and came prepared for this. Our usual individual brilliance were not there. They marked Israel Eliab and all our star players down and starved them off possession.

This is finals football and the Hunters just needed to lift to another level of intensity.

Having said all that, I must remind all the Hunters faithfuls in PNG and Australia, Rome was not built in one day. Hunters will be back in 2016 and will win the ISC.

Let me be among the first to report back that the SP Hunters have lost the Game today to the Ipswich Jets 8-28.

The Hunters did not play the brand of football they have been known for since joining the Intrust-Super Cup.

They led themselves to the slaughter in the first half, just as they did with the Games against the Mendi Blackhawks.

What a let down by players for the 7 million plus fans, the Sposnors SP, Digicel and the PNG Government through the National Gaming Control Board.

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