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13 September 2015


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Hi David, what a beautiful and inspiring story. It takes me beck to the good old days when life was still normal, the 70s to the 80s. It's all so different now.

And my beautiful Rabaul, once the Jewel of the Pacific, is gone forever. Beautiful Madang. I wish they would beautify the town.

Never been to Sepik River, but always dreaming of seeing those places. Yes, David, Papua New Guinea has a lot to offer in the tourism.

It's sad to say that 40 years Independence doesn't mean much to me since the majority of our people are still suffering in terms of health, education, law and order.

I love my country and am proud to be Papua New Guinean. Thank you David for your amazing story.

Thank you David Bridie for your story. PNG is truly a fascinating country when you get to travel around, meet the real people and take part in their daily activities.

I can still recall viewing a music video of Not Drowning, Waving on TV in the early 1990s and was caught up with their style of music. The band name was also symbolic in a sense and I could recall spending some time trying to work its literal meaning.

And then around mid 2000, I watched the Australian TV movie "The Alice" and the soundtracks, I believe was a collaboration between David and George Telek, gave a PNG touch to the movie. A sense of national pride came over me and made me connect to the movie.

Thank you David Bridie for your contribution to indigenous music in Australia and PNG.

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