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11 September 2015


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Paul - I am sure Peta Credlin had tutored the PM with the Basil Fawlty defence "Don't mention Manus or visas, or money-laundering, or giving aid to private companies, or..."

Art and history are fine and good and mostly non-controversial, but also provide a useful distraction to current political scrofula.

Well blow me down. How come the rest of PNG and those Australians who take an interest in PNG didn't know the law and order problems were merely in places like Moresby?

If ever a PM suffered from political myopia it's this one. His advisers should really be replaced but is the problem the fault of the advisers or the person he selects to listen to?

I wonder what deal PM O'Neill has extracted from Tony Abbott in order to keep Manus going for the foreseeable future?

No doubt we will find out soon via the PNG media since no one in either government has so far made an announcement.

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