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26 August 2015


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I recently posted a comment about Tony (Anthony) Keogh who as at ASOPA from 1949 - 1951 and then spent many years as a patrol officer in New Guinea. I can't find the old comment but am keen to get in contact with anyone who knew Tony from those times. My phone number is 0414 557114 or email me on please.

All sort of ideology is extremely dangerous. Messianism (falsely bevelieving that one alone is entrusted with the salvation of the nation or the world) is a recurrent sickness. I wouldn't underestimate what's going on in PNG. Better take the necessary legal and disciplinary steps before casualties are lamented and blood runs in the streets. I already read of sad oocurences in Lae if I am not mistaken. I believe this saga is about the make the first victims. It's only a matter of time.

I am surprised that few Papua New Guineans or the media have called this out for what it is.

It is racism pure and simple and ugly. PNG traditional art is 'of the devil' and should be destroyed.

And watch out orthodox Christians. They'll be after your statues and paintings and imagery next.

Bonfire of the vanities indeed. What's needed is a bonfire of the dickheads.

Fundamentalist Christians like the Speaker, who have so much trouble reconciling their beliefs and the existence of prior cultures should take a leaf out of the book of Christian Aboriginal people in Australia.

They have no trouble at all through the simple expedient of recognising that God created the Dreamtime and everything attached to it, including sacred sites, sacred ceremonies and all the accompanying material artefacts.

If the Speaker used that rationale he would realise that in destroying cultural artefacts, like the carvings in Parliament House, he is, in fact, destroying God's work.

I think the Catholics in PNG are among those moderate churches in PNG who are comfortable with this concept.

Peter's right: The Pentacostolic-inspired shameful barbarism of the Speaker and his fellow believers has undoubted parallels with the brutalities of the IS. As Raymond points out, also rightly, the destruction of precious artefacts is a wholly unwarranted attack on the essence of PNG culture and the beliefs and narratives that underpin and sustain it. That Papua New Guineans should be asked, also, to contribute to the Aliyah offering is confounding and bizarre. I am bewildered, truly saddened and mightily angered by these misguided acts of madness.

Since the Speaker of Parliament has taken to the carvings with chainsaws, and now with the current events unfolding with him as Speaker, there is a question that has been bothering me.

Is there some way where this issue could be resolved in Court? Are there legal grounds where the PNG Speaker can be taken to court for abusing the Speaker's office in pursuing personal agendas and private religious beliefs?

If there is, could a lawyer clarify and have this issue taken to court thus setting a precedent. Because I believe his actions have become a threat to democracy in PNG.

It is sad indeed when people saying they are defending their values lay waste to the past in misguided and basically childish response to fundamentalism.

The Speaker and his Pentecostal followers (vandals that they are) are themselves sad religious relics of a past puritanism which saw priceless Cathedral art smashed and great renaissance genius turned to ashes.

I will not be polite anymore. They are ignorant racist diickheads.

Here's where they are coming from.

I am saddened to read that traditional items that hold true to our identity as Papua New Guineans are being removed or destroyed in the name of religion and worship.

Traditional items and artifacts such as story boards, carvings, designs, etc. are perceived literature as they have their own stories to tell. They are no different to our traditional legends and myths and even our "Tok Ples".

Some people have burnt the Holy Bibble in Mt Hagen. Some people advocated the destruction of the traditional carvings at Parliament House and placed an old bible in there.

Today some people will obviously 'burn objects used in idol worship and witchcraft..' Tomorrow and in the days to come more people will be accused of soccery and tortured like those unfortunate people near Mendi town -the images can be seen right now on social media.

In the thick of all this activity - some people wanted to change the country's name to Paradise. I say Lucifer has taken over the minds of some people in this country.

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