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05 July 2015


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Very well captured, and it was simply spectacular.

Great report Liam. And I see you are keeping up the fine tradition of the best expat reporters in PNG being named 'Liam'!

Apart from the NITV broadcast and one small report by the ABC there has been no coverage of the Pacific Games by the Australian mainstream media.

This is shameful and shows how little real interest Australia has in it's Pacific neighbours and one of the most important sporting events in the region.

If it weren't for the internet and other Pacific countries media outlets Australia would not even know the Games existed.

Thanks Liam and PNG Attitude for the story. I was glued to the TV set all night and forgot to eat my dinner until the couple in the EMTV studio said goodnight.

Congratualtions to the organising committee for a job well done. And to all the participants - the singsing groups, singers, performers, everybody. It was obvious you showed passion and love for our country. And PNG was well represented in the celebrations.

Dika Toa, you are truly a champion role model for all women in PNG. Your two children will be proud of you one day.

From my armchair in my house, I can confidently say that PNG will never falter but grow in strength and prosperity. National unity was solidly displayed. All the 800 different groups were in the one basket.

And I request prime minister Peter O'Neill to kindly allow the same organising committee to prepare PNG's 40 years of anniversary celebrations in September this year for all to enjoy.

We sat up and watched the opening which unfortunately was cut short supposedly due to running over time.

Trying to keep the singsing groups to a set time frame would have been quite a logistical challenge.

In spite of that it was really a fantastic spectacle....and it was great to recognise the faces of some old friends, especially my ex Panguna International School secretary, Clara Golu, singing with the ARB bamboo string band.

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