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08 June 2015


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The University of Papua New Guinea needs better funding support in order to continue teaching and research like this which is of national significance and others which have real potential for economic development.

It's weird to think that the University which boasts all four of the "founding fathers" and most of the prime ministers as part of its alma mater is not supported as well as it should be.

As they say, Aiyah! Sem pasin ia!

Matt, PNG Attitude is a good forum for news items such as the one you have written and I suggest encouraging more UPNG staff to do the same.

John Kaupa Kamasua posts articles on PNG Attitude.

As part of my work for National Agricultural Research Institute I am required to write media news and focus articles for the local newspapers as well as for external agents.

On PNG Attitude I use a slightly different tactic to advocate agricultural and research science agenda.

It's always good to have people hearing, reading and arguing, not only about the stuff that really matters but also about the good work that can make all of this much better.

Interesting finds. Yes the Rossel Islanders aren't directly linked to Kula. They make the necklace 'bagi' which is used with 'mwali' in the trade. I hope I don't wake Malinowski from his grave.

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