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10 June 2015


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What difference is Animism, Christianity, Islam, Buddisim or any other religion? As long as men find peace within themselves,with the environment around them and content with their conviction, so let it be.

I personally begin to see Christianity losing its grip as the biggest follower of Islam is in my local community.

Islam is here to stay.

I agree with Sil Bolkin. For years I have read a lot on the Islam faith and I do not agree on the so-called reasons given in this article about why PNGians are becoming Muslims.

People are always looking for that certain peace in their hearts. If they find it in any kind of religion they seek, let them be. They aren't causing any harm to anyone.

The Lutherans, Catholics, SDAs, Apostolics and Baptists were the first to come to Enga. They assisted the colonial administration open up Enga and showed the people the way forward.

I don't think I will trade Christianity for something else. My forefathers had said, 'Remain standing under the shade you are already at, least you might get wet while searching for a better one.'

PNG is a free country but these are my thoughts.

"Growing rapidly"? Like maybe 4,000 out of 6 million? There are more Scientologists. And they are really disturbing - they believe in Star Trek.

"A boom?" Another anti-Muslim beat-up.

Melanesians are like a sponge that absorbs any liquid it is placed into.

The same reason that one uses to accept Christianity is the very same logic that another uses to accept Islam or any other religion for that matter.

There is no need to flinch and amend the constitution to outlaw a religion or sect, etc. You can accept one, both or reject both and continue to hold on to animism (our beliefs before proselytisation by Christianity and Islam) using your own freewill.

There is no need for Melanesians to argue over some foreign concepts.

In sum, there is no culture or religion in the world that is superior to another. The world is a multicultural world. If you want to live in a mono-cultural world, sorry but, you will have to migrate out of planet earth.

PNG is a lost country on all frontiers. The country needs a spiritual awakening through the power of the Holy Spirit.

These so-called reasons (" acceptance of polygamy, the separation of men and women, avoidance of menstruating women, male supremacy, not walking behind women, and men’s wearing beards and moustaches,” ) are porous and shallow.

Maybe the researchers didn't ask prodding and re-direct questions to ascertain the real reasons.

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