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25 May 2015


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Thank you so so much..really appreciate this gesture! Thank yu pond kaima dumna..wakai we..sipuuuuu!

Waiwo! Sipuuuuu!

This is a timely help to boost the effort of SWA to reach miles as it speaks even louder to promote the growth of literature in SImbu Schools.

Books are the only tool that will encourage the readers to appreciate reading, writing and speaking English.

We are grateful for the effort conjoined to offer books to Simbu.

Sipu.... Thank you Terry and Murray.

Truely appreciated!

What are the details for getting stuff to Toowong Rotary? And are they interested in CD's?

Magical, wonderful, incredible and powerful gesture!!

Those of us who appreciate the power of books and reading stand in awe and simply say thank you, Terry and Murray!!

Good on yer Red Shell & Murray.

I am totally humbled by this selfless gesture, Terry and Murray. Your efforts are greatly appreciated as we endeavour to help the future generations of this beautiful country.

Great friends of Simbu, Terry and Murray. It's a great initiative and will benefit our kids in enhancing their education.

Thank you so much.

Wakai wo, tuple gutpla man.

Some people take, some people give. Which ever is the more delightful thing to do is the question. Good on you chaps, you are giving to Simbu, you are giving to PNG.

Sori o, sapos nogat, bai yutupela kamap memba pinis - samespeed!

Good on ya, Terry. You don't say much but it is evident where your heart lies.

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