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16 May 2015


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UPNG used to have an observatory up on the hill behind the VC's house. One of my regrets is that in my time there I did not manage to get this rebuilt.

I firmly believe that UPNG could use a decent observatory and teach students about the stars.

Great one Phil. Reminds me of this Perry Como classic,

Who remembers him?

I was up in the Star Mountains on a first-contact patrol to the remote Murray Valley Peter.

When I told the newly contacted locals that some people from earth had just landed on the moon they shrugged as said, "We travel up there all the time."

Alan Stern is the chief scientific advisor to President Obama.

And where were you when man first stepped on the moon?

I can guess Rose's age from this, as her Mana remembers the moon landing and puts this a few years before Rose's birth. So I reckon that makes her around 45. This has proved invaluable.

I don't know how I managed to get on the White House mailing list (just send off too many emails I suppose) but I do rejoice in the adventures of New Horizons and do like to read updates from Alan Stern.

"The epic, first exploration of Pluto and its moons by NASA's New Horizons mission was completed last week, on Tuesday, July 14. And it captured the attention and imaginations of people across America and the entire world."

Yeah I know it's a bit of US propaganda, but this it truly an historic achievement and starwatchers from PNG to Uzbekistan can be amazed.

I got my three 'nopes' in before Abbott.

And I think the next adventure of the Niugini is to confront then evil warlords of Marikh, tiga syaitan.

Corney - perish the thought. Only thing I ever sniff is the occasional brus.

Peter, did you just sniff on a roll from one of those Redfern street salesman?

Daniel - no offence intended. And it passed the ultimate test - Rose thought it was funny. The warrior princess herself. Now I've got to make dinner or I'll see the backside of a sospin.

God, I must be getting old. Just went to the shop to get some greens and coconut milk for the beloved wife.

There was an old song being played on the speakers. Gerry and the Pacemakers - remember them?

Nope, said the 18 year old at the counter.

Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, remember them? Nope.

Johnny Farnham. Cold Chisel? Nope.

There is no hope for the younger generation.

Peter, great stuff. PNG has become a great platform for comedians to put on stage plays - everyone trying to outperform each other.

Thank you Michael. I think we have a new genre here. And Keith willing, we may have have more to come. Any ideas?

This is hilarious! I love it! MDLL!

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