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19 May 2015


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Interesting piece...

Peter - This morning I've borrowed a copy of 'The Third Man' from the local library. The blurb sounded so good, I just have to read the novel before watching the film.

Rashmii - if you are interested in film noir, I recommend "Touch of Evil" by Orson Welles, and "The Third Man" - simply the best film ever made. Starred Orson, but was directed by Carol Reed.

Peter - My attempt to dazzle you with my views on music royalty fell flat thanks to a nasty habit I've picked up from the 'young' generation. Excessive abbreviation and in this case, omission of words altogether:|

Insert 'the' between Stevie Nicks is and Queen and you'll know who I've got my kids listening to on their Ipad.

Thanks for the info on Mickey Spillane. Fits in with my 'you were thinking it, I said it' shock-tactics I use on my friends:) I'll be sure to watch 'Kiss Me Deadly'.

No Rashmii, Freddie Mercury is Queen.

Michael - if you want the full geek on USCSS Nostromo, registration number 180924609, of course there are sites out there. Here's one.

It's both sad and wondrous that there are people in web-world that research this stuff.

Rashmii - Spillane was an American author specialising in crime fiction, famous for his short sentences, terse comments and pithy and direct phrases. The literati hated him at first, but he has become a cult figure.

When literary critics had a negative reaction to Spillane's writing, citing the high content of sex and violence, Spillane answered with a few terse comments: "Those big-shot writers could never dig the fact that there are more salted peanuts consumed than caviar... If the public likes you, you're good."

Great advice.

The best film version of one of his novels is "Kiss Me Deadly."

Not suitable for the kids, but a classic.

Michael Dom - Thank you so much. I'm absolutely chuffed you've read and commented on my attempt at a satirical piece :)

Well done, Rashmii - we want more. Indian women are powerful and intelligent conversationalists, always staggering to encounter.

Yeah, Peter - I recall hearing those lines from Ripley, and I seriously need to watch a re-run.

Did Mike Hammer ever catch-up with that blonde?

Peter Kranz - Thankyou:) Still trying to get a good 30 mins away from my kids so I can watch a few Mike Hammer episodes and find out just who Mickey Spillane is.

Just as well I know who Farnham and Cold Chiesel are otherwise, goodness! What would you think of me then? Haha. Stevie Nicks is Queen.

Veronica Lily - Thankyou:) Yes. A dear friend of mine is from India and sometimes after reading material I've written, we'll often break into impromptu role-play.

Phrases will spill out from her mouth verbatim and I'm like, are you sure you're not from PNG? Haha.

Wow that was an amazing piece. You have a way with words.

I think it's not only PNG but a lot of underdeveloped countries do the same.

Rashmii Amoah - agree totally with Michael. You are the Mickey Spillane of PNG.

"Imagine this guy hits Mike Hammer over the head with a wooden coathanger and knocks him out. You hit Mike Hammer over the head with a wooden coathanger, he'll beat the crap out of you."

And Michael - you realise there are hidden South Pacific references in Alien? And Nostromo is Conrad's best novel, set in the fictional South American country of Costaguano. I think it's something of a parable like "Heart of Darkness".

Ripley: This is commercial towing vehicle Nostromo out of the Solomons, registration number 1-8-0-niner-2-4-6-0-niner. Calling Antarctica traffic control. Do you read me? Over.

Thankyou for your comments. I am appreciative of the feedback:)

"Now this is the Law of the Jungle - as old and as true as the sky;
And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper,
But the Wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk,
The Law runneth forward and back,
For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,
And the strength of the Wolf is the Pack" (Rudyard Kipling)

Nice read, Tiger Mum!

"Fucking A..." Peter Krantz - it's Ripley!

And I thought Australians had the monopoly on cutting off the heads of tall poppies.

Very enjoyable rant Rashmii.

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