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30 April 2015


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Thanks Corney and Jaffie for your comments. PNG is a hidden treasure yet to be discovered.

If countries like Singapore, United Arab Emirites and Fiji can do it through tourisim, we can too. The LNG project and all other resource projects will expire one day. But not the PNG people.

We, the current generation must preserve and maintain our cultures, environment, respect our laws and have peace and harmony among our people.

Yasowa Kome is a true role model, one of many such people scattered throughout PNG who need to be emulated.

Fitting story for the Award for Tourism, Arts and Culture Writing!

Thank you Daniel for writing.

Any reader can decipher the hand-holding role the government plays in such ventures as this.

Local councilor and businessman Yasowa Kome's steadfastness and determination is sure to inspire many others in the SME space.

The story inspired me to plan on staying there when I come home for the next holidays.

My paternal grandmother is from Tukusanda village, and maternal grandmother is from Aiyoklam village so I will be a local tourist there :)

Daniel, This could have been a very interesting novel of a successful businessman from Surunki. I actually drifted away from Lae to Surunki whilst reading this very interesting piece. We need more inspirational stories of successful businessmen & women in this country.

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