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20 March 2015


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An amusing tale, Ed Brumby. And we are decidedly non-Melanesian these days, aren't we?

In the early 90's high school boys wore shorts from Grade 7 to 10, usually Number1 (which I still favour).

We'd get up to all kinds of sport games, grubby and sweaty, but wash it all off quite easily at the next tap. A tee-shirt on the inside was all we needed to be ready to go play.

Nowadays the lads have to wear long pants from Grade 8 onwards.

I think the change was meant to make them more respectable/responsible, feel more mature or something like that.

With the number of high school nuisance cases reported in the media, I don't know if that plan is working.

Who said play wasn't a good way to get mature? At least we burned off all that excess energy constructively.

I also here that 10:30 recess and lunch hour games tend to be more restricted, so maybe the kids are too busy on their mobile porns - oops, phones.

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