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01 March 2015


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I think Martin has provided the inspiration. We need a PNG science fiction film script!

My suggestions -

Wigmen from Outer Space.

Simbu Warrioress from Goglme 5.

PNG Kung-Fu Starfield fighters.

Bougainville Priestesses from Eroticon 7

O'Neill of the Orgasmatron Liberation Front.

Star Trek 11 - the Revenge of the Yomba.

I've long been looking for a link between PNG music and science fiction (two favourite obsessions). The Father Gill sightings are a start, but I think Martin has the key. Here are some suggestions.

PNG warriors in outer space!

The Wigmen from beyond the stars

Salome the Simbu warrioress from beyond time

Bilas brothers from Bezek (that's a real star name)

Wanotooba Wantoks (that is too)

I lay down a challenge. Write the outline of a science fiction story starring PNG characters and traditions. We'll make it into a script, and Hollywood can't resist!

You know you can do it.

Martin - fascinating! I notice Solomon's music is represented, as is Aboriginal music from Australia and good old Louis Armstrong.

Here's a listing -
And Martin - this is the plot of the first Star Trek movie (Star Trek - The Motion Picture) where an alien intelligence captures the V'Ger probe and thinks it is a God.

It has unfortunate consequences, but luckily the day is saved by Spock (vale Leonard Nimoy who passed away yesterday.)

An anecdote is that when Bach was first proposed, Carl Sagan said, "We don't want to show off."

As an interesting aside, Peter, panpipe music is now in a place where no human being has previously gone.

You might recall that the Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched in 1977, carried on-board a 'gold disc' of music, images and sounds from planet Earth.

Amongst the music is a men's house song from Papua New Guinea and bamboo panpipes from Solomon Islands.

Voyager 1 is now travelling in interstellar space and is in a place where nothing from Earth has flown before. It continues to send back signals to scientists at NASA as it navigates the space between the stars.

The human mind boggles at the idea that, one day, a form of intelligence might interact with the spacecraft and discover bamboo bands and traditional music from the Pacific.

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