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27 February 2015


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HI Geoff, Peter Howard - a very good businessman - acquired Baglaga Plantation and developed it into a super plantation.

I was Peter Howard's manager at Baglaga Plantation for some time but had to return to India and the UK to attend to some family matters.

Prior to this I managed the very highly productive Tigi Plantation in the then remote Baiyer Valley for the famous John Collins from the Cllins and Leahy family.

John's uncle Danny Leahy with his elder brother Mike discovered parts of the Western Highlands in 1933.

I have written two books on PNG, i.e., Tigi Adventures and Gumanch.

Please keep in touch. I was overjoyed when Peter and Anne Howard visited me in Mysore for a week last year.

Hello Geoff. Your uncle was a very close friend of mine from 1963 until his death.

We enjoyed a lot of fun together including some years in the PNGVR.

I am very pleased to see you are making a success in the coffee industry. Your grandfather would be very pleased. I would like you to keep in touch.

I can confirm Jeff and Josie Broomhead did an incredible job creating Baglaga Plantation but age and failing health caused them to decide to sell it.

The plantation was purchased in 1970 by Kagamuga Trading Company a coffee processing company newly established in the Western Highlands.

The new owners then increased the plantings and removed the shade trees thereby doubling the acreage and nearly quadrupling production to 400 hundred tonnes of green bean per annum.

Ownership of Baglaga was transferred to The Investment Corporation of Papua New Guinea. Management continued to be overseen by Peter Howard until 1982.

Hi Geoff - Peter Howard owned Baglaga Plantation. I managed Baglaga in 1971 for two years.

Prior to this I managed Tigi Plantation for John Collins and developed it into the highest yielding coffee plantation in PNG.

Please keep in touch.

Was Peter Howard in Baglaga plantation after the Broomheads? I remember visiting Baglaga in the early 1970s. I seem to connect it with Peter Howard.

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