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15 February 2015


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There is no point in building classrooms if there are not enough teachers. Building houses for teachers is the first step. The student:teacher ratio at Bialla Socondary was 72:1 last year. This year the provincial education office only appointed 22 teachers when the school requires 40. And still the politicians state that education is free. So It is to many school age children because there is no place for them in a school.

Improved governance in PNG will eventually result from better election mechanisms, and higher level of education.

Australia should invest in setting up a complete and reliable voter register, so that if can avoid in 2017 sending in its army again to deal with irregularities.

In my view, it should also continue and widen its support for education at all levels, primary, secondary and tertiary.

A direct dialogue with key stakeholders (not senior public servants) will identify where the real priorities lie. Mindless and massive building of classrooms without dealing with basic conditions first can stop.

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