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05 September 2014


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Mr Ware Mukale is an innovative, creative and rare head teacher in Simbu province who thinks outside the usual routine to encourage learning and supports the Simbu for literary excellence program.

We need more Ware Mukales in Simbu to promote both Simbu literary excellence and the 2015 Crocodile Prize.

Ware Mukale was my English teacher in Grade 7 at Muaina High School back then. I have mentioned those days in my recent article on the power of reading.

He inspired many students in that time to read and dream dreams. Good to know he is still promoting reading and literature in Simbu.

Good morning. Nice and informative reading.

I had a great time listening to a great display of pure oratory skills from young men and women from the mountains and the valleys of Simbu.

Even though a "mauswara" myself (as facilitator), I felt intimidated and belittled standing there trying to find the right words to describe each speaker as they gave it all in five minutes of some of the finest short speeches I have heard from young people.

They spoke on these topics: Should alcohol be banned in Simbu? Should we castrate rapists? Is polygamy good for Simbu? Should PNG legalize prostitution? Should compensation be banned in PNG? Is the DSIP grant a good or a bad government policy? Should the earnings from LNG and other resource sectors be invested in agriculture?

I spoke to my mate Jimmy Drekore later. Our politicians and senior bureaucrats should be listening and taking part here. They will learn so much from these pure hearted "give it all, no nonsense" young people.

Sadly all our officialdom (invited guest) did not turn up on the day, but the parents, Simbu community and students came in truck loads.

These are the people that matter and we had a great day.

Literary promotion is a new concept thus someone has to sacrifice time and resources to drive the concept for the benefit of others who wish to enjoy this idea.

Inspiring how some can strive for the betterment of others in a tireless yet satisfying way.

I believe SWA is a benchmark in doing something you so love and support.

The feeling of attending such a gathering yesterday was awesome. Great individuals giving their time and commitment. I felt like listening to Mukale, Kin, Drekore and Awagl from the podium forever while chatting with Mundua, Dai and Nii at the side. Goroka long we so mi lusim yupla ya. I am still looking for words to describe the power of celebration and unity coming from the participating high/secondary schools and very positive support from the Ku Community. 'Wakai wo' to you all.

Thank you, Jim.

The honour of driving SWA goes to Mr Ware Mukale. We salute for your innovativeness.

That is the kind of innovative and pioneering spirit that builds reality out of dreams.

Interesting developments.

Keep on working!

Good stuff you guys.

Excellent, the debate and quiz is underway now. Thanks Keith for having this article up on time

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