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11 September 2014


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Thank you Keith for publishing this very colourful story, a story of successful role models who made it bigtime having overcome early struggles.

This is a story that can give hope and meaning to many of our youths in the country and many who are struggling against all adds to realise their dreams and potential.

Gary, as I know him, has been a vibrant Customs Commissioner, who single handedly restructured and realigned the PNG Customs to deliver effectively the national agenda on trade facilitation and boarder protection.

Justin, as I have come to know, is an emblem of a rags to riches story. They are both fine examples we all should be proud of.

From early indications, I am of the view that PMC is here to stay and will proactively participate meaningfully in the political life of this country in the years to come.

Juffa is already proving himself to be a no-nonsense politician, one who is pragmatic and is offering alternate systems and models for optimising the same outcomes.

Accordingly, I am of the view that PMC will pick up several members in 2017 and will eventually be a big political force thereafter.

PMC, Gary Juffa and Justin represent the paradigm shift this country has been lacking since independence therefore PNGeans should back this breed of leaders come 2017.

I like the essence of the story..

Thank you Keith for your well written article about two very upright Papua New Guineans; one, in my opinion, probably the best candidate for the top job of Chief Executive of this Nation.

And this country badly needs one to salvage it from the seemingly never ending scavenging right now!

The other, as you described well, a successful businessman and a very enterprising one indeed – it seem anything he touches turn “gold”.

I have met, become friends and walked many miles with these two fellows since 2011 until the general elections in 2012.

Only Gary and Labi Amiau (North East) won for the newly established People's Movement for Change party (PMC) and me, standing for Salt Nomane Karimui, and Justin, standing for Aglimp South Wahgi, both lost with many other candidates the new party endorsed and supported.

Sadly Amiau later resigned in favour of Peter O’Neill.

In this nation of a “hundred” political parties, PMC’s entry into PNG politics had been given only a side glance.

However, the fact that it did win two seats and its strong policies challenging conventional and accepted norms in PNG on governance and endemic corruption all levels of government has made political leaders, academics and commentators sit up to take notice.

The emergence of Gary Juffa in PNG as a strong voice for the small and average PNGean is well liked and his dislike of bad foreign dominance is well known.

With leaders of the calibre of Gary Juffa and Justin Parker, I strongly believe PMC will be a strong force in PNG’s ever vibrant political arena for years to come.

And Gary Juffa must be the next captain to steer this ship through the storm it is struggling with at the moment.

Tru Oro makes an impact in politics and litrrature and yet no tru ailans to promote literature.

gudpla stori,
wanbel tasol
much kaikai bilong tingting

Em nau, osem kain story em mipla laikim

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