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04 September 2014


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Hi, would you kindly add the PNG UNRE Library to your list of institutions for the 2014 Crocodile Anthology.

The library serves many users from schools both primary and secondary in the Gazelle Peninsula of East New Britain.

Thanks so much Phil and Keith,

I really appreciate the great and innovative things you have done in promoting PNG literature.

And now let's all put our hands together and drive this idea forward in getting the books across PNG.

Thumbs up!

Hello Keith Jackson,

I would like to take this moment to sincerely thank you and the organizing team for the 2014 Annual Crocodile Prize Writing Competition which has been a very successful event for the last couple of years and this year.

I for one have the greatest honor for being part of the group of writers who contributed to the 600 plus entries. Besides, I cannot thank you enough for personally emailing me and acknowledging my entry. It was absolutely a wonderful feeling to receive a mail from such a very prominent person, especially from a professional writer like you.

I am therefore, immensely grateful and honored and I would like to start writing today and continue to participate in similar writing competitions in future, perhaps to get recognized some day for this is my goal in life.

Sorry, I should've mentioned earlier that I've ceased job hunting since July because my mother needs me at home.

There is no more important job in the world - KJ

Excellent work Keith and Phil and all the very talented PNG writers. Rose and I have just added a liklik donation.

Thanks Peter & Rose. I hope this encourages all our readers to do the same - KJ

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