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01 September 2014


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Keith - I have posted this on my Facebook page in support of the ongoing petition.

I think people should be informed of the personal contributions that PNG Attitude readers and Crocodile Prize advocates have already made, and will no doubt make again, towards the distribution of our Anthologies.

I suggest that other COG members and everyone else who is supportive of the organisation and the petition also post this on their convenient web pages.

Keith, I would like to distribute some of the anthology in the Salt Nomane area. Francis Nii may cover some in his area (we are from same district).

I have four schools; Gumine, Mul, Sua and Oluwi primary schools. I would really appreciate that.

Email me your postal address, Mathias, and we will send you 20 copies to cover these schools - KJ

Phil Fitzpatrick, I live in Cairns and I may be able to help. I can be contacted via email.

Is there anyone in Cairns who can distribute the anthology to the large PNG community there?

Keith, thanks a lot for this notice. I have a Foundation (Kama Scholars Foundation) that provide scholarship to kids in the village primary and high schools, conduct medical clinics in partnership with ANU medical students and service schools with books and other facilities. We'll be keen to get those books. Please let me know. I believe you have my email address:;

We're onto it. Though I don't quite know what PNG kids will make of my Wittgenstein and Stockhausen.

But Kenneth Graham is a good start. As is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.

I think this is it.

My thought was that sending a full container would be a lot cheaper than hundreds of separate parcels. Last time we sent some clothes and books it was over $200.

Thanks Phil. I'll contact them. Also Rotary. Some sort of central clearing house for sending stuff would be good.

Stop press - yes, I've heard of that group too. Check it out Peter.

Perhaps COG can lend a hand Peter, what volume and what do you need doing?

There's a mob in Brisbane shipping books to PNG for distribution to schools Peter.

I saw an article on the Channel 7 News over the weekend. I think they are called "BooksforPNG. They might have a website. They were calling for donations. There are some PNGs involved.

Keith - I have many books and CD's surplus to requirements, and would love to see them in a new home in PNG. But it's getting them there to the right people that's the bugger. Can PNG Attitude help?

We are facing enough challenges distributing our own material, Peter, and I don't want to take on any more of the burden. Perhaps you could establish a link with a person or an institution in PNG - KJ


Thanks Michael. I remind readers to let me know when donations have been made so they can be properly attributed to you - KJ

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