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01 August 2014


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good point here on the tactic. very subtle but has worked well here before...other issues such as the NPF saga, SABL and many many others are meeting or have met similar fate.

The Trade Unions in PNG are sitting and watching as the single most important piece of national infrastructure, the governance system is cracking.

Hope, they will come in at some stage.

Does Australia have a role to play; I mean not taking jobs from tough professional PNG men who fight corruption up there like the one who did recently but at a more macro-level.

What happened about the shonky medicine deal? It seems to be forgotten. The oil palm fracas in the Sepik also seems to be slipping away.

Its an interesting tactic, dither until people forget about it and then carry on as before. Or create another crisis to take people's minds off what's happened before.

Or capitalise on any handy event that comes along, like Abbott is doing with the plane crash in the Ukraine to take away the heat from his unpopular budget.

Politicians seem to be the same no matter where you go. The sad thing is the sensation-seeking media goes along with the tactics.

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