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10 August 2014


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"Leaders" and managers in the public service need to stamp out the 10% culture that is spreading and at the same time crippling the public service and affecting the delivery of goods and services.

That is so true. Most people in the public offices today practice the wantok system. I believe that this is due to the Papua New Guinean culture.

Having wantoks is not bad, but where is the problem. The wantok ways are not to be done at work. It is a well known work policy that you do not bring your home problems/pressures to work.

Likewise, do not bring your cultural ways - wantok ways - to work. It is like wearing two shoes. A shoe for a professional life and the other for casual life.

Wear the right one at the right time and place.

Is it possible that when someone desires to provide service to his/her people but when she/she enters the office, he/she develops the love of money? How can this be avoided?

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