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18 August 2014


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Thank you all, for your comments and commendation.

The SWA event organising committee comprising of Jimmy Drekore, Jimmy Awagl, Mathias Kin and with the inclusion of Ware Mukale, are creative and result oriented people. Credit goes to them.

Thanks Barbara for sharing such great ideas on the Sepik Region Development Forum.

In fact, the SWA has triggered some positive comments and it seems if things fall into the footsteps of those behind the association, a good number of Sepiks might wanna drop their carving tools and pick up biros and writing pads.

Thank you Simbu writers for showing the way in the development of literature in this beautiful country.

Thanks Francis for sharing this interesting piece on SWA and its outreach work. Other provinces might learn a thing or two from here.

There is a lot of value in what SWA is doing. Great to bring the schools into the picture.

And thanks for capturing that unique spirit. Bravo!

All top men with a vision. Simbus of the diaspora are with you men! Wai wo!

Thank you Francis for explaining so much about setting up a Writers Club. Long may it reign!

I've passed on your comments to the Sepiks via their Sepik Region Development Discussion Forum on Facebook. This is a private Facebook group where they can be honest about themselves and tell each other off.

I can recommend these sorts of Facebook arrangements. They have a committee to check the items placed on it. They have to be either about the Sepik or to be of some interest for the people of the Sepik. There is to be no swearing or hurtful comments and there should be a fair and open debate about all topics dealing with the development of their province.

I am in the process of trying to turn it into something like PNG Attitude for the Sepiks. I have been putting on lots of history stories of all sorts and they love it. Now a Sepik reporter from the Loop is contributing lots on interesting reports on life in Wewak.

I've included some creative writing from my old Brandi students back in the 1970s and they loved those too. Now a group of them hope to set up a Sepik Writers group, so your comments should help them.

We are still trying to work out the end of Jimmy's great story yesterday. When they get up and running I hope to be able to share their stories with PNG Attitude readers!

Bravo, SWA

Francis you are the man with will power, drive and eagerness to push SWA to the next dimension.

The short term achievement in terms of the literary competition comes from the generous hearts of the Simbu elites as they are for the idea.

The principals put their final blessing and it will be an annual event.

Well done Francis Nii, Mathias Kin and Arnold Mundua.

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