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14 August 2014


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PNG can benefit from this arrangement by demanding more from Australia. See this as a bargaining chip. This year's Australia Award has increased its PhD scholarship quota from 5 to 13.

You'll be pleased to hear that at the moment they are talking about sending the boat people on Nauru off to Cambodia to apply for refugee status.

You have to understand that the "boat people" included many who were "queue jumping" economic refugees.

I agree it was a bad idea to put some on Manus. Let's hope they will soon be moved on to another country.

At the moment there are real refugees all over the Middle East. Some are stuck on the top of a mountain range without food and water. The world, as always, is a sad place with horrible war atrocities and millions of refugees living in camps all over the place, being provided with food and water by the UN and various aid agencies and concerned governments.

Let us hope that the boat people on Manus will soon be moving on. It was meant to be a temporary solution to a complex problem.

It does seem to have done some of the people smugglers out of a living, which is a good thing.

The boomerang at its best.

Until we are independent economically we will still submit to those with the reins.

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