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31 August 2014


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Thank you for your comments. Three more sleeps until our day! Keep going, you great people.

The honours and applause go to head teacher Ware Mukale for continuous and laborious support.

Thanks Arnold, John and Sil for recognising him. SWA is driven financially by Mr Mukale from Ku High School.

Yes Arnold I concur with you on your views here. Also I am not surprised that Ware Mukale is still active in encouraging reading and learning among students in schools in Simbu.

He was my inspiration and had a small but unique part to play in getting me to love books. He started me on a journey of a lifetime - journey of reading and learning.

I was mesmerized by his accounts of the Greek legends, the Trojan horse, Alexander the Great and so many other tales.

A truly unique man, and no wonder he has joined the work of SWA in Simbu.

God bless him!

Give the authority in Muaina High School the benefit of the doubt. They shut the door for a good reason.

Keep charting through with others. Wakai we!

The billboard at entrance into Mt Wilhem High School really defines and explains the purpose and motives of SWA.

Unfortunately, due to tight work programs and commitments we cannot all assist in SWA's outreach programs.

Thank you Francis, Mathias and the two Jimmys. A special thankyou also goes to the Principal of Ku High School, Mr Mukale.

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