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26 August 2014


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Such abuses are a disgrace to other hard working and very committed officers.

Mothers' agony is your birth to the state of your profession so be more considerate and deliver the job from your heart for the salary comes your way from their pain and you will not verbally abuse to see your salaries.

What a in human approach at labour wards?

I had my first child (my son) at POM General hospital nine years ago. A woman next to my labour bed got spanked with a stick because she was not cooperating with the nurses and it was her seventh child.

'First taim blo yu lo karim ah, yu traipla lapun mama!' Geez I was terrified.

The toilets in the maternity wing were disgusting too. I wonder if they fixed them already.

I believe the mothers from the settlements and from the villages are considered uneducated and are not respected properly.

I had my second child at POM General. I will not go there again. It was traumatic and would not wish it on any other mother.

Sil, this is very sad and frightening indeed. These professions do require interested individuals to sign off as a show to uphold as binding agreement the highest moral & ethical and social values at all cost in their profession and to maintain and deliver quality client service at all times.

So what went seriously wrong in the higher management process of that section and the tactical delivery process of this POM General Hospital resulting in registering undesired complaints as such with unhappy & devastated clients in the end?

On a different note, I like the analogy from Michael Dom on the same but without the pot belly. I just wish there was a way to physically employee induced delivery on them :)

Not sure what the last sentence means, Kunanaku - KJ

Thanks Apo Mek, I'll drink to that!

Alotau General Hospital is the best, cleanest hospital administered by some of the best medical professionals.

Thank you Sil, I had come across a lot of those so called rude or bully nurses.

I have been working with some of them at various health facilities. They used abusive words as you mentioned and some others. They even gossip about the mothers in labour.

As a student ten years back I have witnessed these people in labour wards at Goroka Base Hospital. Why does God let them survive if they are not willing to serve with heart?.

Unia, you and I and even the mothers have no control over how many midwives should be on duty each day. This decision falls on the wisdom of the management team.

But each individual on duty can have control over his or her emotions. We can still be humane and act decently under duress.

I have yet to learn of the Filipinos, so I can't comment.

A few days ago, George Kuias posted similar sentiments about these so-called “your-health-is-our-wealth” public servants.

Do some research on the viewpoints aired by patients, you’ll not be shocked. These grumpy middies wait like piranha fish of the Amazon, waiting to vent their frustrations on victims.

I sympathise with the young nurses and those who know their ethics. One may ask how a few grumpy nurses pass their ethics subjects. Maybe something for scholarship donors to think about.

I don’t want to read again of nurses going on strike. But I’ll give a “gold” to the many rural nurses.

Sil, what is the ratio of midwives to patients (mothers) at POM General?

I hope the Filipino nurses currently employed give tender loving care.

Ah angra Dom, thanks. I will not get the spelling wrong again. Wakai we!

It's not only POM general hospital that is doing this. All nurses in PNG do this.

The best hospital in PNG that you would want to visit is St Mary's, Vunapope, in Rabaul.

They are really professional in their field and very helpful to everyone who goes there for treatment.

I commend the nurses at St Marys - keep up your good work and show your counterparts the best you can.

Well said Angra Sil. But I believe the term is tubal ligation, although lawyers do provide a similar operation particularly for our swollen bellied pollies, to help them evade and escape capture.

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