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06 August 2014


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The Pro-VC has supported the program by endorsing it to be run to complement the Entrepreneurship Program he has been running. With the assistance of Student Services, we will now for the first time run workshops for students.

It will be done according to schools.

As far as I can recall, this is the first time that such a program will be implemented on UPNG Waigani campus.

HRM personnel and industry reps will be invited to speak during some of the sessions.

Thanks Jimmy for the support.

Anything we do to market our graduates in today's dynamic job/employment environment is all worth the effort.

It has been endorsed by the National Youth Commission, and has just been supported by our Pro VC Academic with the involvement of the Students Service Department here. This will mean that it is available for all final year and graduating students.

A slightly modified version of the program can be delivered to secondary schools. I have run a couple of workshops for secondary schools in NCD and the interest has been very good.

Funding and resource support have been the biggest hurdle so far.

This is a great way forward to enhance the development of a graduate. I saw technical students graduating with vital skills but lacking the formalities of securing a job.

Teach applied English to do good references and write formal letters to secure employment. John Kaupa well done.

Part of the advice and guidance is to enlighten the participants to broaden their horizon and also look at other opportunities, including self employment and capacity building programs like Graduate Development Schemes, and internships etc etc.

We find that students need such to point them in the right directions.

Its a small program to help contribute to the big picture and students appreciate it.

Also jobs just don't land at the doors for recent graduates and those seeking them. Part of what we do is to help them in this direction... and it often pays.

Yes, all good advice - if the jobs are there.

I remember a couple of elections ago reading a newspaper supplement containing the 'platforms' of the forty plus political parties* contesting the election in search of any policies relating to job creation.

It was never mentioned. I doubt if anything has changed since.

*Yes, I can cope with extreme boredom!

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