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14 August 2014


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How about the feelings of the women involved? Polygamy assumes men are in a position of power and women's feelings don't matter as they are viewed as subservient.

I know if I proposed to a second wife my good first PNG wife would probably murder me.

How would a PNG bikman react if one of his wives took a second husband? Surely what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

That is very true. Men in PNG ought to know their value as real men. The practice of insufficient tie-building and linkage over desires is destroying the real essence of Trupla Man as a cultural norm.

None to say, it is a norm of how men are seen in their homes, tribes, villages as strong man.

If you can support the number of wives you have then the practice of polygamy is legitimate in its cultural context.

Pasin blo pairap natin natin yah lusim.

Polygamy was tradition wherever there was continual large surplus of males compared to females. Usually this was due to male deaths from fighting other males.

There was nothing wrong with it then. Today the concept is corrupted. Before the man looked after all his wives.

Today "2nd wife" is used as an excuse to throw away the first one, grab a second one, and escape the moral obligation to support the wife who was thrown away.

In other words, today what we are usually talking about is a decision of divorce but the males escape their financial support obligations to ex-wives, even the children from their ex-wife by saying they have acquired a second wife.

Alimony support that has evolved in developed countries is nothing more than a form of the traditional way in which men had to care for multiple wives in PNG.

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