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31 August 2014


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There are few building which hark back to the 1890s or earlier in this area. The old Cooranbong post office and catholic church, Bethel Hall and the old Chapel at Avondale College, and the old Dora Creek SDA church - slated for destruction.

Better get my camera out before they all disappear.

David - good luck with your demo tracks. I was in a gospel quartet when a teenager and we were asked to sing at the Dora Creek SDA church - our first gig. I drove past it yesterday (it's been unoccupied for years) and the old building is about to be torn down for a new development. Sad. But the music lives on.

These blokes were our inspiration.

PS. And one of our quartet's members was Bill Dihm. Some in PNG might know of him.

Thank you Peter!

It is very true for you to say Gospel music was where some of world's greatest artists found their inspiration.

I had a fair taste of that at a very young age probably thirteen when I first joined a group of youth to play in a packed Sunday mass.
I didn't realize until just recently that the congregation was my first real audience.
Apart from short stories and poetry I still write songs and have produced two tracks which I hope to toss at a good producer as demo.

Try this - from Elmer Gantry, Canaan's Land. It'll have you glorying in the Lord.

Watch the whole film. It will tell you more than you might want to know about the gospel movement, particularly about Aimee Semple McPherson, who founded the Four Square Gospel churches.

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