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05 August 2014


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I did it for the love of my Solomon Island of Bougainville.

Bougainville, the largest and most resource rich island of the Solomon Islands, must be heard calling in its cell of injustice and cruelty where colonisation had dumped it to die a slow death.

A well deserved win to a talented story teller and brilliant writer.

Leonard, you are a Bougainvillean phenomenon.

Good one Leonard, Congratulations on bagging this prize. Words don't come easy to some of us but you seem to pluck it out of nothing. We can rest in the knowledge there is more coming. Forge on Leo.

Congratulations, Leonard.

Thanks for all your positive words, fellow readers and writers.

Congratulations...I hope a copy crosses my path sooner or later. Well done Leonard.

Just great! Congrats to Leonard. Rapid fire is the word! You have earned it mate, no question about it as per the judges' comments.

And well done also to all the others who have entered their works in this category. There can be only one winner but well done also to the others who entered their work in this category.

Cheers all around.

Bro, congratulations for winning the award. Hope more tertiary students will sweep their mobile phones aside and follow you into reading and writing.

Brata Leonard, Congratulations and I would like to think there is such a phrase as "writing machine gun". The noise of the Bougainville war has settled but Leonard's voice is the new Bougainville machine gun.

Congratulations Leonard.

Congratulations Leonard. Breaking barriers and leading the way for thousands of untold stories in Bougainville. Proud of you!

I really need to read this book. The title sounds interesting already. Congratulations!


Great news, Leonard.

Well done! You were competing among the best. Congratulations!

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