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10 August 2014


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Well done Simbu Writers Association.

SWA you are trailblazing new ground. Keep it up!

Thanks gentlemen for your inspirational remarks.

The way to go Simbus!

The SWA should serve as a model/inspiration for writers right across Papua New Guinea.

And it is a good thing to note that a handful of Simbu high/secondary school students took part in the Crocodile Prize competition.

With such a great start at their level (not to mention young Tom Kaupa,13) they will surely bring PNG literature to another whole new level when they are given the baton.

Would love to be part of such a great team. SWA i mas stap strong!

At some stage SWA should set itself up with a Createspace account so that it can publish Simbu literature under it's own imprint.

At the moment there is a war going on between Amazon and Hatchette. Hatchette wants to charge more for ebooks and Amazon wants to charge less.

Amazon reckons that ebooks will revolutionise reading, just like the paperback did in the 1930s.

I'm putting my money on Amazon.

Angra Jimmy, inspiring piece. For those who are half way through their manuscript, your piece is just enough to boil and stir their adrenaline to complete and submit for publication.

Mere mere boko!

I am a Secret admirer for this group

Excellent motivator for students. You have summed up very well the SWA progress, Mr Awagl. Well done.

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