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23 August 2014


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Obed Ikupu - and here he is.

One suggestion for a additional character. Basil as the Golgothan.

I think we're done with the dinosaur analogies. Next up - the toilet Gods.

"The inhabitants of ancient Rome had a sewer goddess, a toilet god and a god of excrement. The sewer goddess Cloacina (named from the Latin word cloaca or sewer) was borrowed from Etruscan mythology and became seen as the protectoress of the Cloaca Maxima, Rome's sewage system.

An early Roman ruler, Titus Tatius, built a shrine to her in his toilet; she was invoked if sewers became blocked or backed up. She was later merged with the better-known Roman goddess Venus and was worshipped at the Shrine of Venus Cloacina in the Roman Forum."

And it's true.

Watson has just advised me (via a US twitter account) that the ending is too abrupt. He is right, but it will be corrected.

(Watson is now a professor at the University of Heidelberg by the way)

Hoot! Hoot! Hoot! Auk! Auk! Auk!

Mi hard lo todok! Parables stret! revealing the dinosaurs of our generation

Awesome read revealing the corrupt people of Papua New Guinea

Bloody Stephen Moffat and Dr Who. They've got dinosaurs in Victorian London! But I reckon we got there first.

Bernard - updating the PNG Dictionary of Biography would be a great task for your students. They could collaborate with students from other PNG universities. Hey, I might even come and lend a hand!

By the way the ADB reference (AC Gregory) is the Australian Dictionary of Biography. An invaluable resource. It's a sort of encyclopaedia of famous Australian people.

There is also a PNG Dictionary of Biography, but being compiled in the 1970's it is now sadly out of date. I tried to kickstart an update whilst in PNG but had no luck. The UPNG library has the original documents from the people listed, which make interesting reading.

How about the librarians of UPNG, Unitech, Divine Word, SDA South Pacific Uni etc come together to update this most important document?

I'm sure the entry for Beldan Namah would be interesting.

More history. Holmes knew his stuff.

The gas chromatography quote from Watson is real. And it is really about trying to find dinosaurs, but sadly long after the age of Holmes.

If you're interested, here it is.

This is great stuff....thanks.

Ah, Kera Kranz. That is a good analogy of what transpired at the echelons of power. Simbus will have to read it. I am sending the link to Simbu Discussion Group on Facebook. Wagai we!

Thanks Keith. And my old Olympia isn't quite rusted up yet.

Wagai wei!

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