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22 August 2014


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I myself had been a victim and seriously, if they don't like the job, why do it at the first place .

Truly it is happening. The nurses think they run the show and sometimes play God.

Malaria tablets don't get along very well with me. The 1970s and 80s treatment for malaria in PNG was plain torture.

At uni I practised a generous amount of self control whenever I needed to get treated (throwing up was always next after primaquine) and I had malaria every now and then.

The particular nurse I always dreaded to see at the clinic would grumble "name?"

My sick reply would not convince her to hurry up her search for my file. In fact, her back would be to me and her eyes glued to the 8-4 TV, perched above her head facing the waiting room and meant for patients waiting.

She was watching Australian daytime soaps and fumbling through the metal cabinet (it was so long she forgot my name) only during commercials. She loved her soap for sure.

I wasn't the only one who got that service. I have nothing against her now I know better but equally I don't know how I survived those days.

Artesunate and artemether have been godsend for me.

In a previous existence I was married to a doctor's daughter, and sometimes helped out doing odd jobs at the surgery.

There was a dragon of a nurse there (nurse Baker) who used to freely spray her opinions around to all and sundry patients in the waiting room.

Once, on the doctor seeing a woman patient who had just been diagnosed as being pregnant for the eighth time, she commented in a stage whisper for all to hear "I don't know why he doesn't just stitch her up!"

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