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07 August 2014


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Good stuff. Well deserved and congratulations.

Hi Diddie - Congrats and keep flying the flag!

Among other things you are sure to inspire the next generation of writers and poets.

I have just been invited to read two of my poems at the UNICEF 25th Anniversary Children's Rights Convention.

They are 'Do I have a right' and 'Abused child' from my book Daddy Two Shoes..

I’m so excited to be reading the poems.

The first one will be actually read by a group of children and the second one will be read by me.

The Communications Specialist was impressed with what I was doing and said they'd try to expose me to the public.

What I was doing will be on 20 November, next week…..

Diddie's recent collection of poetry, 'Daddy Two Shoes: For Mama & Papa with Love' is available from Amazon for $10.80 (paperback), $0.98 (Kindle) - KJ

Hi Diddie ...Congratulations.

Thank you everyone. The journey has just begun and I hope to see each and everyone by putting names to faces come September 18th. I'm honoured.

Diddie and I thought I was the only one with rejects. It goes to show that we writers will conquer the world, at least this small world for a start.

When you go on the internet and see all the published authors from the pacific region, you wonder how can small island nations have published poets and authors. They don't have the populace or market and our work is as good as some of these works and better yet ol dua i pas tumas.

Congratulations to Diddie and all the Crocodilers (if I can be permitted to call anybody who contributes to the Crocodile Anthology).

Diddie, you are now among the best of best in poetry. And it is reflected in the congratulatory messages of veterans like Misters Dom and Drekore.

I congratulate you too!

Congratulations, Madam. Live your dream!

Congratulations, Diddie. Your perseverance and self-belief is inspiring. I agree with Robin - you are a worthy victor indeed.

Congratulations, Diddie, your determination and stamina has brought you to this recognition. It's a good lesson for all of us, if one knows one has got something special one must not drop it as there is always a stage for it.

The Crocodile Prize has unearthed a lot of fresh talent and Diddie is a fine example.

Diddie, welcome to the hallowed grounds of the Crocodile Prize winners.

Your journey has been well worth the effort. The winding path has honed your skills: a poet needs the struggle of life to respond with passion, poise and perception.

Your winning poem is representative of your struggle and how poets strive.

Well done and congratulations.

Wonderful to see your love of language, and expression.
Congratulations. A worthy victor.

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