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06 August 2014


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Continue to dazzle the PNG literary scene with your works of art.


Wonderful scribes! I thank you all for the congratulatory messages. You all add fuel to the fire of literature glowing in the hands of Phil and Keith. I know we will leave a legacy in PNG literature henceforth. Let's continue to write.

Angra's all said by the judges. A big wakai we di tomuniwo.

Angra Sil, your essays always reveal to me new insights and argue age old doctrines of common sense.

You are true to the dignity and nobility of our ancestors. A good warrior with words, your spirit shines.

You fight for the just causes.

You offer good challenges.

I am proud of your victory in this literary battle.

Well done and congratulations.

Congratulations! Looks like there is more where this one came from. Keep on writing.

Countryman let me join the others in congratulating you on this award!

Congratulations, Sil. Your essays are a thrill to read. You totally deserve this win!

Well done, Mr Sil, congratulations.

Kops, am smiling. You listened to night time stories told in Bari. You walked, listened and conversed in Bari for most of your life.

Now you have written a masterpiece in English, a book and several thought-provoking articles. Your legacy will live on. Wakai wo from tribe at home.

Congratulations Sil Angra, good one.

Congratulations, Sil.

Well well! That's a real victory smile. Congratulations, yal ki.

Well done, Sil. A fitting award for your hat wok.

Congratulations! This is another big victory from the highest mountain of PNG. We hope the list will continue. Wakai weh chipu, angra!

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