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04 August 2014


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A traditional society's lifestyle suits the life cycle of the people living and interacting in that society at that period of time. 'Karim Lek' was an event that kept the youths of that time to be focused and discipline in preparing themselves to the vocation of marriage. The traditional society had a fixed routine lifestyle.
Reading Arnold's piece of work makes me sad in the sense that this wonderful event now finds its place in print and in very rare cases it finds its place in a showground during Cultural Shows Time or on stage as part of an academic assessable entertainment piece on stage.

Arnold's piece of work now serves the purposes of entertainment and academic assessables if need be.

Thank you Arnold. It's a piece that's worth reading over and over.
Way to go angra! Continue to uphold our culture in print.


Plenty more to come from Simbu.

Congratulations countryman.

Thanks for all your wonderful congratulatory messages. Some of you are friends while others are good people I have yet to meet. But in writing we are one big family. Thanks again.

good one to you too Arnold
Congrats for nailing this one.

Congratulations, Arnold.

Congratulations Aronal Mundua and thank you to all the sponsors and all the hard working team members who make the crocodile Prize a growing and vibrant event annually. Keep writing. God bless.

Yagl Kane, edngla i we! Congrats and keep writing and "write your way to the world". Sipu-u-u-u!

Upper Simbu Nem, congratulations on winning the Cleland Family Award for Heritage Writing. Wakai wo!

Congratulations Arnold..

Congratulations are in order for a masterpiece. I am proud of the varied cultures and beliefs we have in this amazing country. Yet, there is so much more I do not know...and I am afraid, will never be shared and retained for future. Keep up the good work and continue to write.

Congratulations Mr Mundua, that little fire under the foggy Mt Wilhelm was almost put off but thanks to the Crocodile Prize now its burning brighter than ever before.

This gives us the pleasure to realise our discovery of potential like your own on board SWA. We will continue to hunt for more in the rugged mountains and expose them to the world.

Thank you Keith and Phil for an extraordinary effort in keeping the beast alive.

Congrats Arnold. You are putting Simbu Writers Association on the map. Wakai weh.

Angra Arnold Mundua, congratulations. You made us proud.

Hats off, indeed, Arnold. Not only for the Clelands for their generous support but for your perseverance in the task of writing.

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