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05 August 2014


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A sliver of comment regarding the behind the scenes actions in the currency wrangle:
"U.S. President Barack Obama’s war against Russia isn’t only causing Russia to cooperate more strongly with the other BRIC countries to break the U.S. dollar’s reign as the global reserve currency, but it’s also causing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s job-approval rating in Russia to soar, and the confidence that the Russian people have in their own Government to soar likewise."

Lets not put the position where you become the dog. The lawn doesn't clean itself with Lilli-crapps all over the place.

Corporate aid should stop if bad publicity retrofits high corruption headlines in the very most top level of democracy.

Might as well stop aid all together and bad publicity for corporate news and all sorts to sell for the media market.

I recall an episode in Australian history where a Prime Minister sought to broker alternate supply of finance from Middle East or Asian sources.

What happened quickly thereafter is now a matter of history. Needless to say, the forces drawn into play in protection of the banking status-quo are more than considerable.

To echo Obed's thoughts, we'd all be more at peace if we had our own currency and supply of resources but that is not the way of commerce and industry any more.

I don't think we can turn back the tide. The horse has bolted and the course of history is set on producing outcomes (there's that dreaded word - where did we hear that before?) that demand of us a conformity to a script not written by village elders keen on protecting their heritage.

To my mind, it is not a totally hopeless scenario esp' if you have personal faith in Who holds the future.

Robin the last bit is frightening.

"The rat became the ultimate currency." Don't know what it means as quoted in the opening remarks of the movie Cosmopolis but I think it refers to the increase in world poverty, deteriorating state of living conditions, widespread of HIV/AID, endless wars, etc, all by the acceptance of a single world currency.

If PNG see's this new bank as leverage to its socio-economic development, then I'm sorry.

This government along with the previous one's have sold this country to the relentless ordeals of corpocracy.

What this country needs is a robust human resource sector to drive development in all sectors.

Not booking moni ...

I think the threat you are seeing to Western "dollar hegemony" is what is propelling much of the current strife in Ukraine.
There are "currency wars" afoot that might easily morph into greater strife and uncertainty than currently experienced.

More power to PNG in her attempts to gain traction in facilitating loans for infrastructure. The emerging BRICS competitive factor might just be the leverage needed.

Watch still for a global currency reset.. the ultimate end game is to establish a single world currency, government and military.

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