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04 August 2014


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Sturm - In the minds of many Bougainvilleans your comments and articles on Bougainville and the mining industry are not really welcome.

We Bougainvilleans suffered and that is because the then government of Australia was ignorant of us and our connection with our land and our place in the Solomons.

All that you said about us murdering ourselves had a reason: the colonial rulers' ignorance and superiority over us, the Solomon people of Bougainville.

Mr Sturm, please cite your source, where I have described the BRA as 'freedom fighters'?

Scholarship is not about praising or denying. It is about an unflinching commitment to rigorously collating primary data that enriches empirical understanding of events and processes.

While my research may not meet standards established by the European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper, it has been peer reviewed on numerous occasions by internationally recognised experts in my field, and has been judged to meet international standards for originality, and rigour.

But I am in agreement, those who commit egregious crimes should face justice. On Bougainville justice-making has been operationalised through customary measures, involving a complex and painful process of acknowledgement and forgiveness.

Given it is established that as an organisational entity, Bougainville Copper Limited, encouraged the PNGDF to continue its offensive operations (BCL Meeting Minutes, 13/7/89) - which were punctuated with war crimes (i.e. mass murder) - and logistically aided the PNG military, as a shareholder, what pathways do you think should be employed to formally acknowledge truth, and make amends for this complicity?

Good on you, Kris, now get on with it.

In short, Dr Lasslett: "I'm misunderstood!"

Poor Dr Lasslett feels sorry for himself but still he calls his militant propaganda "work" and still praises former BRA killers as freedom fighters.

Luckily he acknowledges that his articles are left wing rubbish! For once in your life, Dr Lasslett, be honest and say that all those who committed murder during the Bougainville crisis should finally be brought to justice.

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