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04 August 2014


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People should read a lot and do their own research before making negative discriminative hate comments. If you read through the ritual and traditions you know that traditionally homosexual acts happened before the colony and whiles the colony came they to had sex with the local men all the time, even the missionaries had sex with local men and boys even though preach against it they where involved in the act for social activities.

Most of the LAWs that PNG has was introduced by the Colony who had sexual relationships with PNG Men and boys on one hand and enforced the punitive laws on the other hand just the same with the European missionaries mostly men who had sexual relationship with men and boys as well whiles preaching the opposite of what they where doing.

Migration into the towns in the Colonial days meant that a lot more man labourers where away from their homes and families. Resulting in many having Homosexual relationships.

Did you know that Labourers at that time were not allowed to get married and if they did they where dismissed from work.

Most men back than had sex with local Prostitutes which dismiss their chances of getting married or had developed sexual relationship with other labourers to be on the safe side other times with Europeans who came to PNG to work, usually by themselves without their families, explorers, traders, missionaries, colonies...

Jeremiah ... I come from Hanuabada and yes, we are receptive of the LGBT community. We have folks from the major regions in PNG living here. In their words, they've found 'asylum').

These people aren't "sick-minded", they're just chemically imbalanced in some way like you and me (I'm straight btw).

AIDS is not homosexual disease - perhaps you should read up on how HIV finds its way into the human bloodstream.

Side note - well done Vlad, if your reading this, I'm Nou's older brother.

The distinction made at the end might be useful in considering attitudes to homosexuality throughout the region.

Many people insist on regarding being 'gay' as a choice, despite the obvious absurdity of someone wishing to be in such a difficult position. Perhaps what they're really talking about is straight guys having sex with gay men.

This is a matter of choice, and you can see how it could be regarded as sinful and a threat to sexual roles. Young men in most social environments in the SP, after all, have little access to sex before marriage.

But this issue of desperate men dodging the sexual rules clearly has nothing to do with equality for gay people, people who naturally do prefer their own gender.

Jeremiah - you should not be so forward in your condemnation of people who happen to be different through no fault of their own.

Whilst living in PNG we once had a hairdresser around to braid Rose's hair. He was obviously gay, being camp as a row of tents and easily out-camped Kenneth Williams.

But he was a troubled soul. He said he was scared of me because I was a 'man' and he had been beaten and tormented by many people just because he was different. He eventually told us about the torment he had suffered at the hands of anti-gay thugs. Though he also revealed that many politicians and bikmen were secretly experimenting with gay boyfriends.

I better not reveal the names he mentioned.

But he was a kind and gentle person, and I can see no reason to vilify him just because of the way he was born.

And Rose says he gave her the best hair-style ever.

I think that this world has changed and is changing. No matter what we base our beliefs on, we should be open minded about the time and era we live in. Some really shocking and unbelievable stuff are happening homosexuality, child molestations, loan sharks, money making religion and churches, etc, etc. I believe as individuals, humanity and peace is vital. Judging others causes
more problems and bitterness. ¥Peace¥

Gays and lesbians don't deserve to live anywhere in PNG. They are sick and the main cause of HIV in PNG. Maybe PNG should increase the penalty to 20 years imprisonment
for these sick minded individuals.

We remind readers that PNG Attitude does not necessarily share the views of commenters, especially this one - KJ

Bravo Vlad! Thanks for bringing this sensitive issue to the surface.

There will come a time when the gays, lesbias and transgenders break loose from the chains to speak their mind.

We may claim to have our country anti-gay however their rising number is evident in many parts of Papua New Guinea even in institutions. And when their feet are firmly planted, there will be a good tussle for equity!

While I am straight, I pray for a violence-free debate when the day comes.

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