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02 August 2014


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The command and control in a disciplined force such as the Police have been weakened over the years. I can say that based on my own experience with the police.

Australian Federal Officers who are here on the ground can only do so much. There is mentoring and joint patrol and other things that they do together.

But the leadership to strengthen police force must come from the command and ranks of the force itself.

The force needs to win the hearts and trust of community members. Their conduct must be professional at all times.

Most drunkard and semi-educated officers take the law into their own hands. They will quote no section of law to assault the travelling public. What a disgrace to the Police. Use your common sense before it fades away!

Sorry to the Catholic mothers. This is sick. Such a pity the AFP that are based in this country are doing so little and do not leave the comfort zones of the coffee shops as a group or their compounds. Whom are they mentoring?

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