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02 August 2014


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I am a student studying in Divine Word University.

I am writing a book which is about to be finished but don't know how I can publish it or send it to Pukpuk Publishing.

Could you please inform me about the process as to how my work can be published by Pukpuk Publishing?

Will there be any fees required for editing and publishing?

Thank you very and looking forward to hearing from you.

Joe, I'm sure you will hear soon from Phil Fitzpatrick, Crocodile Prize publishing director and head of Pukpuk Publishing. Keep in touch with this Comments column - KJ

That was an excellent story you wrote in PNG Attitude about the history of Pukpuk Publishing, and its achievements since its inception.

Those of us whose books you have published are deeply indebted to you. Also, the chance in life you have given PNG writers to develop their stories where no other publishers have shown an interest is highly commendable.

Best wishes to Pukpuk Publishing, and long may it continue to publish.

Magnificent work by Keith and Phil.

Perhaps the 'Literacy Conference organised by the Reading Association of PNG', mentioned by John Kaupa Kamasua could spend some time considering successor editors/publishers.

I wonder, also, what has become of the excellent 'School Journal' project supported for years by New Zealand. It encouraged Papua New Guineans to write stories for school children and provided a publishing facility.

A 'Pukpuk Publications' for children's literature, as it were. Perhaps the conference could also consider PNG ownership of such an initiative.

Thanks Phil and Keith you remarkable initiative and effort in Literature gives PNGeans the opportunity to expose in the world of literature and writing.

Wow...Great labour of love and commitment to the people of PNG. Thank you Keith and Phil.

Phil, Keith: Thanks to you, the spirit of Ulli Beier lives on and the PNG literary tradition begins to flourish again. The Crocodile Prize and Pukpuk Publishing are testaments to your remarkable commitment to 'giving back' to a land and people that contributed so much to your own lives.

It saddens me, however, that the mammoth task of fostering the ongoing development of PNG writers (and the aforementioned literary tradition) should fall largely upon the shoulders of two volunteer Aussie B4s.

As a former executive director of Deakin University Press, I was going to ask why PNG universities have not, like their counterparts worldwide, established their own presses/publishing houses and so make their rightful contribution to the development of a national literature.

Then I remembered the events and situations at Unitech earlier this year and, more recently, at UPNG (See and realised they have more pressing matters to contend with.

What worries me, and should worry extant and budding PNG writers, is who will carry on your amazing work when, not if, you no longer have the energy and enthusiasm to do what you've been doing so extraordinarily well?

Point well made, Ed, and something Phil and I constantly think about. Our desire is for COG to develop a sustainable leadership group from within itself to carry on the work which I do not see myself doing at the current pace beyond next year, when I reach the venerable age of 70 - KJ

Yes great work Phil and Keith!

Thanks Baka for mentioning the Literacy Conference organised by the Reading Association of PNG.

Those interested and wanting to present papers can contact the following email:

Thank Phil for mentioning me in the passage here. As mentioned in another piece in PNG Attitude, it was a long time between drinks for me.

My first publication in the Pacific Reader Series with Oxford University Press, 'Zymur', raised the hopes for me that I could have work published.

Since then I have had a bundle of short and long manuscripts and had been for over 15 years trying to get them published.

The manuscripts were offered to OUP but were rejected as they were not in the genre for school children up to Year 8 and, secondly, I think there was a feeling that Pinglish was not proper English.

A year ago, having read Phil's article about Createspace, I was hooked.

Phil and Keith were kind enough to refer me to Ed Brumby for editorial work on my manuscripts. He accepted to look at my work and the rest is now going to be history.

Being impatient, I forged ahead to publish my two works, 'Curse of the Lamisi' and 'Haffies are Made...they are not Born', to see if Createspace was genuine and lo and behold, I became an published author just like that. Ed Brumby has been good so far.

There were a lot of us trying to write but there was no avenue to have the material published and publishers choose and pick.

I wrote what I thought was the best English but the publishing editors thought otherwise and editors like Ed have been helpful.

Looking through the two books now, I can pick out several things in them that I could have changed or improved. Editors can help to get over that.

There is one other hurdle and that is marketing. We all should be thinking how we can market all works published by PNG authors.

There is an advertisement in the Post-Courier from Reading Association of PNG (RASPNG) with the National Literacy and Awareness Secretariat (NLAS) and the SSHS of UPNG asking for papers for the 2014 November 13/14 Literacy Conference.

Let us all contribute one thing or another to this conference and among the issues for discussion should be marketing of works by PNG authors in PNG.

Might I suggest an entity similar to Australian Society of Authors for PNG down the road as we progress.

Once again, I say thank you to the lauto kiaps and others for the tremendous free time and effort they are putting in to get PNG works out.

Tenk yu traipela and laikim.

A great work and labour of love. Thanks Phil and Keith and the published writers extraordinaire.

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