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08 August 2014


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Hi Agnes, your winning may inspire others of your peers to write and share the vault of knowledge and experience they have of pre and post Bougainville secession movements with the rest of PNG and the world.

Congratulation on your win.

Congratulation Agnes...its always a nice feeling to win in anything.

Agnes, when I first read your story a couple of months ago, it was an eyeopener for me. Absolutely incredible. Yours is an amazing story that's been eloquently written. I have it bookmarked on my phone and have read it three times all up on separate occasions; and will never tire of it. It blows my mind.

Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations.

2014 is the happiest moment of my writing since more Bougainvilleans have come out especially with the BCL backed Bougainville 24.

Congrats mama Agnes Maineke. Do a book all about Bougainville for us again.

Agnes, you have done your people proud in now being recognised in this award. Your daughter will undoubtedly be pushing you to produce more. Maybe now on a new computer.

Congratulations Agnes Maineke, you, Leonard Roka and the likes are bringing Bougainville literary treasures to fore.

I'm sure The Crocodile Prize will continue to discover more talents from the post war Bougainville.

Congratulations to Eleanor as well for exposing the Crocodile Prize to your mother who is the eventual winner of the People's Award for Short Stories, well done.

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