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03 August 2014


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Hi Keith - There is an error that Daniel requoted here. Please rewrite the original I wrote.

It means to say that; If you do not come when I called or invited you to come, and if you do not come, then it is injustice. But since you are trying to promote justice, then to make it fair or just, I won't come to help you.

Then when I don't come to help you and since you didn't come in the first place, and my not coming is creating a justice point here.

And this is the idea of justice I trying to give a logic here.

Fixed KJ

“If you do not come when I call, why will I come to help you in promoting justice in Bougainville,” some asked.

Because the promotion of justice is everyone's business. Systems of justice were established and practised in communities long before 'gavman' came on the scene.

Justice will never prevail unless the people themselves ensure its implementation regardless of what 'gavman' does or doesn't do.

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