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16 August 2014


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This recount has numerous effect in the life's of the students as the tale takes the students by storm.

Thanks for all your comments and remarks The recount will continue from Wewak wharf.

Interesting analogy Jimmy. Robin and Phil have come as close to it's interpretation as any English-speaking, PNG-understanding persons can. Looking forward to the next version.

David - Thank you since it becomes an issue of a puzzle I am happy. It means a lot to me.

I'm impressed!!

Thank you Jimmy for this unique and wonderful puzzle.

Barbara I had a dream to see the crocodile therefore I was kept astray at the wharf so I will leave East Coast and hunt for the river crocodile till I reach the plain of Kubalia.

Brandi was next door but I missed the crocodile since I was introduced to the scene afterwards.

Sori Jimmy - you have lost me!

I was in the Sepik for 4 years and only ever saw one crocodile, it was captured. I was up and down the Sepik River a lot - no crocs- just their skins! But I heard they were at Brandi High School- you could see where they had been having a drink in the bomb craters during the night, and they were not far from my house.

Why did you mean to see the Sepik crocodile? You can't just turn up and expect to see her/him. They hide themselves!

Francis, I meant to see the the Sepik crocodile but right at the Wewak Harbour the crocodile disappeared and gave me another freedom not to be tamed by the crocodiles.

Laki na yu i no lukim Sepik pukpuk. Sapos yu lukim em ating yu bai kamap Sepik pukpuk tu na ol amai bai misim yu stret. Tingting taso tu ya olsem, Barbara. Nice one, Sir.

'You're lucky you didn't happen upon a Sepik crocodile. If you encountered it, I think you'd have become a Sepik crocodile and your amai (?) would have lost you. I'm thinking like Barbara. Gutpela, wantok' - KJ

Thanks Barbara and Phil for the analogy. Since the story is figurative I meant to create such a scenario.

In my next version of the story on the Sepik crocodile, I will answer your doubts.

I think I would say - "I had brought myself to the land of the beloved crocodile but I did not see her."

Just a thought!

Aha, "her homeland" - now I understand. But it is rather concealed for slow thinking people like me!

He's chasing a Sepik woman (or the idea of a Sepik woman representing her unique culture) back to her homeland Barbara but when he gets there he can't find her and suspects that she has gone off with a Sepik man. Crocodile = Sepik.

That's my take anyway.

A very good story expertly told.

Jimmy I loved this story but it has a strange ending which I don't really understand. Could you explain it for me. Me Aussie Sepik Meri. Mi stap long Sydney! Ha!

Thanks gentlemen! A journey into Wewak has a lot more insights for it is a world of beauty and paradise with its myths and legends write about.

Name, moneaa, you took me through this journey graciously with your vivid recollection. It's a wonderful adventure story. I really enjoyed it.

Aah, Jimmy, you have solaced your lonely soul well by promenading instead with the Croc of PNG Attitude fame.

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