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30 August 2014


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Itjis history is interesting. My head teacher at Kewamugl Primary school is mentioned above, Mr Gordon. I am very interested to meet up with him and his family as a former student and perhaps catch up on stories as my uncle was his houseboy n cook. My contact details are 040759009 and I currently live in Melbourne, Victoria. It would be lovely catching up.


My husband Gordon who taught in Simbu met John Nelson who was mentioned here in 1965 in Kokopo.

In 1966 Mr Nelson organized the census for the Kokopo region of the Gazelle. He really loved the Simbu and that is one of the reasons my husband asked to be posted there in 1968.

Little did he know that he would end up with a Simbu wife for over 40 years!

The early whitemen and the missionaries set foot on the soil of Simbu to establish education in 1952 till 2014 remains a resourceful blessing for the Simbus today.

Deep down in the hearts of Simbu will value this concept of school to give education since today Simbus see education out of school as a resource, land, money, wealth and so forth.

We thank you all for seeing Simbu through schools and its education for human resource.

A great piece for reading. Simbus will truly appreciate reading this piece.

This is a modern history about the beginning of education in Simbu that modern Simbus ought to know, appreciate and treasure.

Thank you for this article.

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