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28 July 2014


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During this age of mass communication presumably, I think our rural/bulk of our population are missing out especially when NBC Provincial Radio broadcasting has curtailed on programs, aborted SW broadcasting and pushing news and music as top priority thru the FM band which has limited coverage, I wonder what cultural essence is there about preservation. Moreover, other development, health & social issues.
I think, we have lost focus.....

Here's a link to the LNG to gasoline technology that heralds a new era of cheaper energy:

Thanks Sil, I've heard about the group but have not visited them yet.

Too often there are small successful organisations doing good things but not enough awareness, links and good will to spread the learnings so that others will benefit also.

That is also a result of our tribal mentality where we don't want othets to benefit and succeed as much as our own people.

That has to change if ordinary citizens are to defend their rights for development against the elite leaders in government and big business who are intentionally or ignorantly trampling them underfoot - the downside of the 'grass roots' cliche.

Kantri man, I recommend that most people take a walk up to the AT (Appropriate Technology) Projects in Goroka and have a look at some of the things they do.

AT Projects is using everything found in our environment (bush) to transform livelihoods and well-being.

Thinking outside the box kind of solutions to some of the socio-economic and cultural problems.

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