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11 July 2014


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Mr Geno - What Ishmael Palipal stated in the article is just a brief script about the Upe tradition.This is not the first time the sacred Upe image has been published in the mainstream media and Internet for viewers. Except now an article has been written but not in depth.

The tradition still is sacred. It doesn't breach this when it is described on the Internet. It is still sacred.

It is paramount for people to understand that there is a culture still existing. You ask the question but your perception is still hidden.

I am from that area, where the tradition is practised today. Controvesial question!

Hello? Did you read the whole article or what, Thomas Geno? What is your question all about?

The article is just briefly explaining what "Upe" is and what they do and why it is the way it is.

The entire world can now come and view the secret hat if they want to but if only when they are initiated to allow others and women to see them like I explained above.

Is that crystal clear or what?

Is a tradition still sacred once it is described on the internet and a hat, once a secret hat not known to the women, can now be viewed by the entire world?

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