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20 July 2014


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Thank you gentlemen. Its a big dream and we are taking one step at a time. We'll see how it goes from here with SWA.

Jimmy, Francis and the executives of SWA appear to have awoken a sleeping giant in the art of writing and storytelling in Simbu. Sky is the limit, or is it?

Thank you Francis for giving publicity to this initiative of SWA.

Just doing things is beneficial to the local community. The real value is spreading the word wide to encourage many groups to see the value and emulate your successful work.

Jane Awi has excellent contacts with schools in Taiwan. Encourage the Simbu schools to develop their written communication skills through engagement with schools internationally.

Sipu sipu sipu ah. Wakaiwe for the initiative and 10 salutes to all of you for getting this organised.

Well done, SWA. You are setting the pace for all to follow.

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