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30 July 2014


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Thanks very much for the most dynamic and antistatic per-historic of what being changing over time till such time we are.I am a typical Yuri Alaiku tribesman would like to make a few embracement on what Mr Nebare have stated above. If You are You Yuri Alaiku, take hit of this;

we are located in the very remote area in Gumine - Kumai Bomai and Dikine LLG with rocky mountains, no proper tracks for services and infrastructure into our community. our government today are wiling to help us but those who are brilliant enough they cheat us because we locals are illiterates, they forced us to sign or do such maintenance so ever, and if funds are delivered, no symptoms of development.

That is what we (YURI ALAIKU)usually did and consequently,no improvement or tries to change course and lead into other direction, therefore today I am very happy to see that we are all enveloped into one cylinder (YAKA). I believed that this association will be the satisfaction of Yuri Alaiku needs because if an association whats to operates a development program nothing will missing rather than individual project operations.

This is the only thing that hold us back from development and services to reach our home for betterment of our future child and also we/whoever, wherever your are, must have an originality and identity with a good exceptionable environment because I felt and feeling enough of wishing to live another luxury live like other neighboring tribes.

So please as a young child of tomorrow I'm shouting out from my mother's womb, hear me and do something better for me...

Very refreshing to know my blood uncles are charting a new course, a new chapter, a better roadmap all from within.

This will certainly create the critical mass necessary to project the future.

Always a proud Yuri blood.

The Nulai Kia, Pil Wamil, Keri Dida and other independent nations within the Yuri are coming together as YAKA. The Yuri people can own Simbu and Gumine if the diaspora returns to the Mon Maril valleys like Nembare and all embrace peace and unity.

Monia lusim, the Yuri will move mountains if they are all stuck in YAKA from now on.

Local problems are best solved with local solutions. Thumbs up to all men and women behind YAKA.

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