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13 July 2014


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Good question by Giorgio Licini? We can desire a union but how will that be done?

We have our own problems to worry about here in PNG, so the best thing we can do is to support their efforts for self independence.

I think, it is about time, West Papuans stop learning and speaking Bahasa. Boycott Bahasa. As long as West Papua speak Bahasa as their language of business, trade and communication, they will need Indonesia.

Chris considering the economic projections in Australia's Asian Century White launched during the Gillard era, Indonesia is set to be one of the top 10 economies come 2025. Its leadership role in ASEAN is also a display of its power. It will take a bloody revolution to liberate Papua.

All we have to do is recognise them as a Melanesian people.

It would simply be stating the obvious.

Felix Baraka is entirely correct that both ethnically and geographically West Papua is part of Melanesia and, by extension, what is called Oceania.

His call for self determination for West Papua is, to me at least, completely reasonable.

Unfortunately, politics and history are working against this.

As I understand it, there are now more Indonesians colonists (mostly ethnic Javanese) living in West Papua than there are Melanesians.

Unlike East Timor, which one Indonesian politician described as "a stone in Indonesia's shoe", West Papua is a potentially very resource rich and productive part of the Indonesian nation.

Consequently, the Indonesian government will certainly not give up its control of West Papua voluntarily, as it did in the case of East Timor.

Only war or the threat of a war, probably overtly or covertly supported by other powers, is likely to dislodge them.

It will take a lot more than rhetoric from the MSG or any similar body to cause more than irritation in Jakarta.

To free West Papua from its colonial yoke requires people who are willing to both kill and die for it.

Right now, I see no sign at all that the "great and the good" have the slightest inclination to support a fight for independence in, to paraphrase Neville Chamberlain's famous remark about Czechoslovakia in 1938, "a country far away of which we know nothing".

Looks like a home grown revolution will be needed.

Good luck with that.

People from afar may condemn the actions of Indonesia on indigenous West Papuans who have been struggling for over 50 years.

However I fear its closest neighbours, Aussie and PNG, will continue to approach Indonesia in compromise.

For so long the PNG government has been ignoring West Papua. These are our blood brothers and sisters of Melanesia.

Long before the white man took over our land we lived and moved freely in our land as people and tribes.

West Papua and East Papua are sister and brother. Our families are made up of East New Guinea and West New Guinea. The people of PNG are supporting West Papua. But the PNG government is turning a blind eye to West Papua.

God has given you, Mr Prime Minister, the job of governing this country PNG. To do good to help those who are in need.

PNG PM I ask you to used your power to save the lives of the men, women and children of West Papua dying every day in the hands of Indonesian genocide.

For god is watching you, PNG PM. Please help save West Papua.

Be united. But how?

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