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25 July 2014


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The New Order is indeed a collectivist one posited to be of general benefit to all but in fact a realignment of control of assets absorbed into the global money matrix overseen by a cabal of banking interests.

It explains the wanton pursuit of modern governance toward overriding traditional ownership (collectivist as it might be) and re-leasing the control to foreign investment tied itself to strictly regulated capital issued by the aforesaid banking interests.

Most elites say no becomes yes and yes becomes no since what drives them to honour depends entirely on money.

Elites lose credibility from money. Shall we make decisions out off money to run our country.

"There is no place in this world that someone can give you something for nothing. Giving something to someone is always initiated with a certain intention, usually self-interest."

Change should probably start there? Unless everyone and everything comes to be assimilated into the corporate world.

A good essay, Felix.

I guess what is missing in PNG these days is "strength of character" or "strength of moral fibre" being able to stand up for what is right.

I have been encouraging the people of the East Sepik to stand up to the foreigners who come in and take over the land, remove all the best timber and say they will replace the forests with oil palm plantations.

I got thanked for my help. But one guy stood up to me. But it turned out he wasn't even from the area in question. It wasn't his land or forest that disappeared off to Asia. I guess he just happened to be gaining in some way from helping the foreigners.

A "strong and high-quality" government has to be elected by the people to control the exploitation of your precious rich natural resources.

In the Sepik there is talk of the Frieda River copper-gold mine. One day it will be up and running. But it must not be allowed to spoil the Sepik River as the Ok Tedi mine destroyed the Fly River.

This mine is in a very isolated part of the Sepik. It is likely that there may not be many PNG people aware of what is going on there. Parts of PNG are very isolated. the PNG government has not been taking care of the isolated areas. They have not been providing transport to and from these areas so the schools and health centres in the isolated areas have been closed down.

Australia also has many isolated areas. We call it the Outback. Over the years many men of fibre have shown a concern for them. John Flynn was one of them. He started the Flying Doctor Service, and the School of the Air, where children were taught via radio.

Something like this is needed in PNG.

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